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Volver a ver la ciudad – Los Ángeles

Until recent years, downtown Los Angeles had spent several decades falling out of popularity and into neglect and decay. Although always “overshadowed” to some degree by Hollywood and the nearby Southern California beach lifestyle. Today, with a bustling Arts District, richly detailed restorations of grand old movie palaces, all manner of skyscraping development under construction (or in the planning) and improving public transportation, the city is experiencing a breathtaking renaissance. In this gorgeously edited and scored short film by Ian Wood (, who deployed a GoPro camera affixed to a remote-controlled mini-helicopter, downtown L.A.’s under-appreciated yet classic and remarkably varied 20th century architecture is revealed intimately and showcased from rare, revelatory, heretofore unseen angles.  Thank you, Ian, for sharing this unique and beautiful visual record of our city. 

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